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Retired French Soccer Player Talks Sacraficing His Mother For Fame and More..

A lot of people think these type of stories never take place for real, that is why they give conspiracy theorist hard time, questioning them like it’s First 48…. Now a former French Soccer player Shiva N’Zigou revealed that his mother was sacrificed as a part of a ritual to further enhance his footballing career.

According to IBTimes:

In a video which is now going viral on social media, Shiva also revealed shocking details on lying about his age. The footballer claimed that he is actually 39-years-old, five years older than the age mentioned in his birth certificates. Shiva stated that his parents have actually changed the date of birth in his birth certificate.

Shive made more startling revelations about engaging in homosexual relationships. “I had a sexual relationship with my aunt. This relationship happened again with my sister. I slept with my sister. I slept with a man. I had another long-term relationship with a man,” Shiva said in the video. As per reports, Shiva made these comments during a Christian confession ceremony.

Shiva N’Zigou started his career in 1999. He played for Nantes youth team from 1999 to 2003, where he scored 11 goals from 33 appearances. The footballer, a Gabon citizen, has played for the national team 24 times and has scored five goals.

Shiva is considered the youngest person to have played in the African Nations Cup. At 16 years and 93 days, he scored on his debut for Gabon in a match against South Africa at the 2000 Africa Cup of Nations. With Shiva opening up about his real age, this record may soon be scrapped off from papers.

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