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Rihanna Engaged to Saudi Billionaire Boo ?

Rihanna and her Saudi Boo Hassan Jameel have been dating  for at least a good year now… Have their relationship moved to the next level quietly ?

According to

The 29-year-old singer was flashing a large diamond ring on her wedding finger that looked like an engagement ring as she was seen in New York City on Wednesday night.
The Work hit maker didn’t make any effort to hide the rock as she left Madison Square Garden where she took in Chris Rock’s stand-up comedy performance.

The ring appeared to have a large center stone that could have been a champagne diamond. Surrounding the rock were several large white diamonds that created what looked to be a daisy pattern.
This ring has not been seen on her before. It could be a piece of costume jewelry or fine jewelry she bought for herself. But given how happy she seems with the Saudi Arabian looker, it might just be a sign she is ready to wed.

I can’t deal…. If she is.. Congratulations…. I’m here for this if so…. Rihanna doesn’t really wear Gaudy jewelry…. Something is brewing…

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