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Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s Baby Shower Held On The Same Day as Kim K’s Robbery?

Wait….as this robbery story unfolds there are just a few questions that I have to ask! Before I start asking the questions that need answers, I believe it’s safe to say that these two soon to be parents are back together….for now. Hopefully by the time you’re finished reading this they won’t be broken up AGAIN!

This family is a very peculiar group of individuals to say the least. In last weeks past episode we learned that Blac wasn’t even invited to her own baby shower. When Rob learned that the Kardashian-Jenner family decided to host a baby shower without inviting the MAIN CHARACTER, he got pissed and took to social media to post Kylie Jenner’s phone number online. He’s such a master of conflict resolution (sarcasm intended). After calming down Rob decided to host his own baby shower for his lover in which TMZ reported that he had the most extravagant baby shower known to celebrity couples. The party featured a 7 layer cake, belly dancers and a Louis Vuitton diaper bag for Chyna.


Guess who Rob decided to leave out? Yep, you already know it was Kim Kardashian and their other sisters. Rob also tried to make a statement by inviting some of his siters exes, French Montana and Scott Disick. If this guy isn’t the most pettiest creature known to man I don’t know who else could be.

How convenient was it to learn that his sister was robbed during the baby shower (MORE LIKE AFTER ACCORDING TO UPDATED NEWS) where all guests were required to turn their phones off? Further investigation also claim that Kim K’s robbery was an “inside” job.

More Questions that need answers.

1) How many times do you think Blac and Chyna will break up before the birth of the baby?
2) When will Chyna understand that this family doesn’t really accept her?
3) Why invite the exes to a baby shower that NONE of your sisters are at?
4) Why the hell am I even questioning these wackos?


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