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Robin Givens to Join The Real Housewives of Atlanta?

Robin Givens is allegedly set to join the Real Housewives of Atlanta, but the tea is Mike Tyson’s current wife is actually set to be on next season too! Interesting.

From BAW

“We approached [Robin] years ago to be on the ‘Housewives’ and she declined,” the insider reveals. “Now she’s open to it.”
“Oh [Robin] is definitely going to be on the show,” the insider further claims. However, it’s currently unknown “whether she’ll be a housewife or a friend, but she’s on.”
News of Robin’s potential participation on the show comes as reports claim Kenya Moore is desperate to return to the show. You may recall how BRAVO producers initially wanted to demote her but Moore wasn’t having it – so she reportedly walked but demanded a huge payout for her continued participation.
Ace Showbiz writes “ The mother of one allegedly was looking for a return to the show and offering to rejoin the show with only $500,000 per season. That was a huge pay-down for Kenya as it meant she was offering a 75% discount from her initial $2 million salary two seasons ago.”
“She’s even willing to take a friend of the show role,” an insider claimed. “She’s desperate to get back on the show, in any way.”
Do you think Robin Givens would be a great addition to the cast?

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