“Perez held her stance as she delved into yet another example to support her claim. She alludes to Puerto Rico’s two-part referendum in November 2012, in which 52 percent of voters expressed their dissatisfaction with the commonwealth’s relationship with the United States. While over 480,000 Puerto Ricans chose not to respond to the second question which asked whether they wanted to become a state or pursue independence, over 62 percent of voters who participated favored statehood.”

“Puerto Ricans are United States citizens and I think that the issue of statehood or independence needs to be addressed and needs to be resolved,” Perez continued. “And right now, on the island, the majority of people want statehood. Why isn’t that addressed? Why is that not respected?”

As the presidential debates draw near, it’ll be interesting to see if either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump shift their attention to Perez’ questions, one that echoes throughout the Puerto Rican community.