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Rumors of Swizz Beatz Cheating on Alicia Keys Have Surfaced Again!

I love my girl Alicia Keys, but rumors are swirling once again that Swizz maybe stepping out on his wife while she’s preoccupied with work…

According to CDAN:

Blind Items Revealed
April 28, 2017
This former A+ list singer turned A- lister has been really busy with a new television gig. Her husband has been loving it though and has been cheating with this protege of his who he thinks will be big.
Alicia Keys/Swizz Beatz

But look at the tea that has spilled in the comments section:

Swizz, who put you on to steroids, Busta or Nicki Minaj? You need to stop because it doesn’t bulk you up it just makes you look like a chicken that’s been shot full of hormones.

What do you do (successfully) these days other than get randoms pregnant?

How much did you have to pay Deelishes (in wigs and bodycon dresses) to keep hush about yalls hookup?

Why was Maxwell so pissed at you? You got some quick bussy and ran?

Did Tahiry give you the herp?

Years ago you had some type of press conference saying you would single-handedly bring K-Pop to the US, what happened with that?….

What about that Malaysian money scandal with that billionaire? Has that been dismissed yet? Did Leo D set you up with him?

How’s that new baby girl of yours?

Is it true you and Mya made a sex tape? Why haven’t either of you leaked it (for publicity purposes) yet?

You’ve had your own record label for over a decade, never put out one artist…what’s up with that? Can’t put your ego aside?

Weren’t you known to frequent the tranny track in Miami back in the day? Who was that boogabear looking one you were cozied up with back in 2007?

Why did you and Carmelo fall out? Did he distance himself after folks found out y’all were more than friends?

Is is true your wife only likes sleeping with you when another female is involved, which is why she’s ok with you sleeping around?….

Is it true you messed with Charlie Baltimore back in the day? And you only did because your idols biggie and Jay hit?

Did Puffy loan Cassie to you and your wife for a night?

How much did Amber Rose finesse you out of? I know you’re a cheap ass virgo…

Did Kelly R and your wife have threesomes?

Is it true you told your wife (and Nicki) that you were bi and a sex addict which is why you couldn’t settle on either?

Did that Sofi Green chick threaten to out you as her son’s father on the last season of LHHNY if you didn’t come and see him? How much did you pay her?

What did you see in Estelle?!

Is is true that it was YOU (and not Colin Kaepernick like it was rumored) that Teyana Taylor accused of rape? And not rape-rape but it felt like rape due to your dagger dick…

When did you and your “bestie” Grady start fucking around sexually?

Is it true you got your brother raising one of your kids that you had during the marriage to Keys?

Is it true, Mr. “SuperBass”, your wife heard you and Nicki were fucking in the studio which is why she came down there one day to sit in on a session? lol.

How did you and Futures bm Brittni hook up? Atlanta connect?…

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