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Russian Pop Star Tortured to Death In Chechnya’s Gay Purge

Well, there’s a lot of things going on in Russia, apparently Chechnya’s president has opened up a concentration camp for gay men so he can purge the entire country of homosexuality. Now a famous Russian pop star is now a victim of this purge, Zelimkhan Bakaev (Too many damn consonants to repeat) was reportedly abducted while attending his sisters wedding back in August and his Instagram has since been deleted ..

According to PerezHilton:

The Russian pop singer is reportedly the latest victim of the pure hatred now running Chechnya. Now sources report that Bakaev, who has not been seen in months (even his Instagram has been deleted), was abducted as part of this anti-gay crusade and murdered.

According to underground sources speaking with NewNowNext, Bakaev (above) was abducted while attending his sister’s wedding on August 8: YouTube last month that’s supposedly Bakaev saying he’s in Germany because Russia has “a lot of assholes.”

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