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Ryan Lochte Issues An Apology…..(Crickets)

U.S. Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer Ryan Lochte has issued an apology for his behavior surrounding the robbery that he said happened while in Rio, Brazil. Claiming that he should of been more careful and candid on what actually happened at the Rio gas station that night.

Lochte apologized for his role in a long post on Instagram for his role and taking the focus away from the Olympic athletes. The 12 time gold medalist is sticking with his statement about a stranger pointing a gun at him and demanded money to let him leave…. But feels that he should’ve handled himself better than he has..

It’s convenient that his apology/statement comes after his story was debunked. He left his teammates in Brazil and came home knowing that he lied. No one demanded money at gunpoint. The security guard had a gun to keep them from leaving and the manager told them they had to pay for the damages they created! Still lying!

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