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Safaree Samuels To Release New Song Airing Out Relationship With Nicki Minaj (Snippet)


I guess Safaree is tired of playing Mr. Nice Guy, Nicki’s ex is set to release an attention-sloring new song this week entitled “Love The Most”.

According to TMZ via Bossip

Although it sounds like the title of a Drake song, and is as sappy as a Drake song, we assure you that it is the scorned Scaff Beezy spitting some of the corniest raps you’ve heard thus far.
Among Safaree’s hot-button talking points:

-Alleged cheating
-Nicki’s outright refusal to carry his seed
-Nicki’s public display of affection for new bae, Meek Mill.
-Kissing Nas in a music video
-Nicki’s Pill Use

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