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San Francisco Is Future Home Of the Largest Collection Of Latino Art In the US

The city of San Fransisco has welcomed yet another piece of artistic excellence to its Latino Culture a 60,000 square foot long Mexican Museum, created by Mexican- American artist Peter Rodriguez, was celebrated with a dedication ceremony Tuesday (July 19)


“Fascinated with collecting, Rodriguez gathered over 16,000 works of contemporary and colonial Latino art. Imagine that many pieces of art in your possession! He made history by opening up San Fransisco’s very first Latino museum of art back in 1975. However, he still dreamed of curating a larger museum using his own impressive collection. Years later his dreams are realized by creating with his paintings the soon-to-be largest collection of Latino art in the nation. The museum will also include approximately 800 works of Mexican folk art donated by the family of American businessman, Nelson Rockefeller. Other galleries will include works of art by famous Mexican artist Diego Rivera and Miguel Covarrubias.

“Mexicans, Latinos and immigrants trigger prosperity. Let’s continue to have a more promising shared journey together!”@ruizmassieu

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