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Schoolboy Q Talks Voting, Kendrick Lamar and Throws a Jab at Nicki Minaj In New Interview!

This is pretty weird and random being that School Boy Q & Kendrick Lamar were or are good friends, hell they’re both on the same TDE label… But there maybe a little turmoil going on that we didn’t know about. School Boy Q was being interview on Hot 97, talking about his new album, how he got to collaborate with Kanye West for the hit single ‘That Part’ and why he almost quit rapping.

The interview goes pretty until until 25 minutes in, School Boy goes on a rant about politics, and how he doesn’t vote. He makes sure not to comment on anything political, but he talks about being the type to mind his business and take care of his family. Q feels that the world would be a better place if people would be honest and just worry about taking care of who around them.

This is where it get’s interesting, Q then talks about people who never voted in their life going to the White House for photo ops.



Also check out this video of Kendrick Lamar talking about not voting at the 9:10 mark..

Schoolboy then starts to go in on people who always seem to have an opinion when they’re own porch needs dusting! Then he says: people always commenting on what other people are doing, but their brother is a PEDOPHILE.



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