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Sevyn Streeter Sends Black Man A Drink From The Bar

Sevyn Streeter, singer-songwriter believes chivalry is dead and sends a drink to black man at the bar. This leads me to believe that “there is no title” in the relationship she is currently in or she isn’t in a relationship right now. She was spotted at many Coachella festivities during the weekend.

She is just putting it all the way out there that she is “single and ready to mingle.” Maybe she should dish the dirt on “love and R&B.” What do y’all think about that? She is putting it out there for us ladies to be willing and responsible enough to “okay” the buying a drink for a guy instead of the other way around.

However, he did reciprocate the drink buying by sending her a drink back and ultimately the goal is to get his number. So far so good with the beginning stages of “meeting new people just so happens.” It is very crucial on the dating scene right now, apparently there is no love on Instagram no matter how many followers you have following you on Instagram.

Give us the details of what you were wearing or something. It was apparently a tweet turnt instagram post. Is this a sign that there is a particular season for dating or is she just the aggressor in a relationship? Are we learning more about the black male population? I like the initiative.

Sevyn Streeter and Kehlani at Coachella

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