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Sex Expert Sleeps With The World’s First Male Sex Doll (Video)

Chile, next year sex robot RealDoll – which is made by Abyss Creations – is set to be released, and she’s even more realistic than ever before.

The doll will retail around $14k us dollars and £12,000… will have built-in heaters for a real life like feel, nd touch-reactive sensors. They also include 7 inch deep removable mouth inserts – lovely – and optional removable vagina inserts too, which are apparently fully functioning.

This is not the kicker, a sex expert has tried her luck sleeping with the world’s first Male Sex Doll…

Karley Sciortino, a sex columnist for Vogue and Vice, decided to take one for the team and put the world’s first ever sex doll to the test. As Karley points out, where men have had years of sexperimenting with dolls, the idea of a woman using a sex doll for sheer gratification has always been considered taboo. We’re just here for the ovaries, remember.

leading doll manufacturers Sinthetics are designing bespoke male dolls to fit any woman’s sexual needs. These custom-made dolls aren’t a cheap date. The basic male doll starts at $5,900 and they charge up to $8,000 on top for add-ons such as customized heads. Look at it as an investment…

Watch the video below:


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