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SEX TAPE 101 For Yusaf Mack

The 1st sex tape I watched was Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson and being that young it was really a bore, but sex tapes ain’t new. I believe Cleopatra and Napoleon had a tape lol, then R. Kelly had a sex tape but he had other stuff going on if you know what I mean. Who has ever recorded a sex tape? If so, how did it turn out was it fun, scary or what? Now Mimi and Nikko did have a nice tape the filming was flawless and Mimi really was a pro at that shower rod and other things. A Philly boxer by the name of Yusaf Mack sex taped got leaked or released,

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Now this is a topic that’s coming up more and more in people’s conversations. If your going to do a sex tape there’s rules to it

1st. PLEASE have a non-disclosure agreement and a WHOLE LEGAL TEAM just in case

2nd. Make sure you know and understand that at any moment that if you do anything in anyway to piss your partner off that recorded with you off there’s a chance the tape might get leaked if you didn’t follow step 1.

3rd. Make a movie with someone your not ashamed on, make sure the person is someone you trust. If your living a double life now your risking your cover being blown by recording yourself with someone that might not be of a different gender or maybe you filmed a group movie your choice.

4th. PLEASE get tested before anything happens

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If your a person of celebrity status I need you to listen up. People are going to want to have sex with you for fame purposes or blackmail reasons, but you have to have a team of people around you that’s going to either talk you out of it or if you still wanna film they have to make sure your protected in all aspects.

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The reason I’m even talking about this is today a Philly boxer by the name of Yusaf Mack sex taped got leaked or released, he said “He was drugged, and doesn’t remember anything.” in my opinion he might have been under the influence of something; however he knew what the HELL he was doing they had dialog in the movie. The scenes changed and he was playing a role so no HE WASN’T THAT DRUGGED to where he forgot what was going on. He believes the fact that he had 10 kids and was engaged to a woman he can’t be gay, lies sir I DON’T BELIEVE IN GAY FOR PAY!!!!!! But I will not judge this man I do not know what financial issues he was going through at that time or what he was going through personally; however I will say Yusaf you did that you need to teach a class to those bottoms that need to learn……

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