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Shailene Woodley Is Not Huge on the Idea of a Divergent TV Movie

Most likely, you have heard of the Divergent movies. Whether or not you actually saw any of the movies is another story. That’s the problem and the reason why the last of the Divergent films is going to be made for TV instead of the silver screen much to the chagrin of some of the cast.

In a recent interview with Screen Rant, Woodley discussed the movie news. She said, “I didn’t sign up to be in a television show. Out of respect to the studio and everyone involved, they may have changed their mind and may be doing something different, but I’m not necessarily interested in doing a television show.”

While it was basically assumed that the actors in the original franchise films would not be interested in moving to TV – after all, the film’s main cast (Shailene Woodley, Zoë Kravitz, Miles Teller, and Ansel Elgort) are all on the big screen pretty often and allowing themselves to be brought to television could hurt that A-List life.

No matter what the film’s iMDB page says, it’s not looking like any of the actors are all that willing to play these characters again.

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