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Shaunie O’Neal Respond To Reports She’s Already Fired Jennifer Williams

Jennifer Williams was on the Breakfast Club yesterday to tell her side of the story and she did spill some tea about Shaunie being a messy person behind the scenes. People were speculating that Jennifer already received her pink slip after being a no show at the reunion.

Jennifer told the Breakfast Club:

Shaunie starts a lot of things behind the scenes….It’s really interesting that Shaunie has selective memory. She couldn’t seem to remember if Tami had said those things, which had happened … She never wants to be in the middle of everything.

Jennifer also seemed open to the possiblity that she may return next season.

Every season I feel like somebody has to take the fall. They gang up on somebody every season. It was my turn ya know? I honestly would like to move forward in my life … I’m under contract – I don’t know what’s going to happen….I just want to move forward.

Shaunie has confirmed that she has not fired Jennifer and that no discussions have been had on who will and won’t come back…

I guess time will tell.


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