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SNL’s Leslie Jones Hacked, Nude Photos Released…

People can hate Leslie Jones all they want, but this is not right by any means. Leslie Jones has been violated by a hacker who got access to her website and posted all of her Identification information, including her driver’s license, passport and naked photos.

Since making her big screen debut on Ghostbuster’s she’s been receiving the most hate, comparing her to a gorilla and being the target of a slew of racist comments. The hacker who got into her accounts put a video of Harambe on the top of her website. The hacker gained access to Leslie’s phone or iCloud and posted sexually explicit nude pics of the actress.

It’s so hard being a black woman in this world. lord, help us. All she did was be black and appear in a movie, and she gets all this disgusting shit thrown at her. Im not a fan of hers but I sympathize with the insults she’s been getting.

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