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Snoop Dogg Admits to Bootlegging Jay Z’s Album

“I want to shoot a shout out to JAY-Z,” he said in a social media video. “Just dropped another motherfuckin’ hot album, 4:44. But you know what? I don’t got TIDAL, so a ni**a had to bootleg it to me. I’m on iTunes and shit, cuz. I don’t understand that. Y’all gotta explain that to me. I went to iTunes looking for his album and I couldn’t find it. But my homie sent it to me.”
Once he actually obtained a copy of the album, Snoop seemed to love what he heard and he encouraged others to go out and support Hov’s latest. “Shoutout to JAY-Z, my ni**a, he did it again,” Doggyfizzle added. “I ain’t no hater. I love the game for what it’s worth, the young ni**as and the old ni**as. Practice that. Practice showing love. Practice supporting other muthafuckas other than yourself. Yeah, do that.”

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