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So….. Blac Chyna Only Has Custody of Dream Three Days Out of The Week, While Rob Kardashian Has Four ?

Clock that tea though… Rob Kardashian is such a bad guy that he has more custody time of his daughter than Blac Chyna… No wonder why Chyna has time to suck and hop from one D to the next… I was rooting for her, I really was, but the way she’s trying to paint Rob as the bad guy is not cool, because she knew he wasn’t all the way stable and he was weak and vulnerable and now Wendy has clocked more of her tea….

During hot topics, Wendy brought to everyone’s attention that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna share custody of Dream, but she mentions that, if he is such a bad guy, then why he has more visitation time than Chyna ? Watch her full Nightline interview below:

I wonder how many days she has King ? Peep video below and fast forward to the 6:29 mark…

Also, watch her full Night Line Interview below:

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