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So, Bruno Mars & The Weeknd Got Beef?

It appears that there’s an underlining beef between Bruno Mars x The Weeknd, according to sources Bruno feels that the Weeknd stole his musical style… But I don’t see it…. Or at least I couldn’t tell.. But, it seems as if The Weeknd is coming for Bruno on his collaboration with Future on the Hendrxx album called ‘Coming Out Strong.’

The Source states that :

There are some celebrities he absolutely he cannot stand. He hates the Weeknd. The band member told my cousin, every time when he drives in his car with him and a Weeknd song comes on the radio, he has to turn the station. He is always throwing shade how the Weeknd stole his musical style and how he doesn’t sing as good as him. His bandmates always mess him about it. I remember one time he told me they would say things like “The Weeknd didn’t still from you. You both just stole style from Michael Jackson.”

We’re going to overlook the obvious mispelled word of “STILL”, which she meant to say “STEAL..” But on Coming Out Stronger he sings:

“They said I couldn’t reach Mars, so I turned to a star” Like a !!!!! don’t dance, but he make moves”

View full lyrics here…

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