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So Chris Evans Performed A Prince Song and Proved He’s the Cutest Human On The Planet

Bunches of actors performed different variations of Prince songs to commemorate him for W Magazine, but I’m mainly going to focus on Chris Evans (best known for his role as Captain America) because he’s #TheCutest. Basically, W Magazine does this thing every now and then where actors perform different famous scenes or songs in their own special actor way. Like, they once had Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) dramatically read Drake’s “Hotline Bling.”

Evans performed “Diamonds and Pearls” along with Chiwetel Ejiofor and Nate Parker, and claimed that “I like literally want to do an interpretive dance instead of singing.” But sing he did and it was fabulous. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Captain America can sing, even if he tends to try to avoid singing at all costs always.

And, if you don’t even care about his voice and just want to watch the funny comical dance moves he did, here’s a gif set of Chris’s performance! Enjoy!


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