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So….. Nobody Wants to Buy TIDAL ?

TIDAL is struggling especially financially, but in a short time potential purchases by two major players in the music space have popped up with one being Apple and now another big major player, Samsung…

Nobody wants TIDAL…. I mean Nobody, I mean hell I even don’t want TIDAL.. I stopped my subscription long ago and kept Spotify… Reports began circulating earlier this summer that Apple might be interested in purchasing the celeb-fronted streaming platform.

The possibility of Tidal joining Apple disappeared when Jimmy Iovine spoke to BuzzFeed, saying, “We’re not looking to acquire any streaming services. We’re really running our own race.”

Earlier this year, rumors about Samsung potentially acquiring Tidal spread like wildfire when Jay Z was spotted leaving the company’s offices. But within a few weeks of the rumors rising to the top, Samsung spoke publicly about the matter, stating that no purchase was being discussed. The Wall Street Journal dug into the company’s just-released financial statements and revealed that the streaming platform is having some serious money troubles. Tidal, Black Owned Norway-based Aspiro, lost over $28 million in 2015 alone … In conclusion with new financial revelations about the company, it isn’t difficult to imagine why nobody wants to purchase Tidal, so they will continue to battle with the big dogs… ALONE!


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