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Solange Knowles Accused of Ripping Off An Indie Artist and She Wants Her to CUT THE CHECK!

Welp….. This isn’t the first time a Knowles has been accused of being a copycat… Solange dropped her best album A Seat at the Table on Friday and it appears that she blatantly ripped off another Indie Artist by the name of Chae Butta….Apparently Chae sent her music to Solange’s Saint Heron records to get a deal.. But instead she got ripped off…..

Chae released several tweets stating that not only her music was hacked, but also her video concept, she even hinted at Beyonce’s Lemonade (The Idea) was stolen from her too…..




More Tweets:


Nevertheless check out Solange’s new videos off her album A Seat At the Table Cranes in The Sky and Don’t Touch My Hair…

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