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Speaking of R. Kelly, He’s Allegedly Having Sex With Men and Spreading STD’s ?

Well isn’t R. Kelly just the gift that keeps on giving, after dropping his single and confessing his sins on I Admit It, then his brother doing a rebuttal, click here if you missed that.. Now things just escalated for the pied piper!

According to BET:

Whatever hostility the men have between one another is apparently serious enough for authorities to be involved, as Killa Kelly claims on the song that his brother fearfully calls the police whenever they run into one another. That accusation is nothing compared to his next lines though:

“You gave them females some crazy disease, I want you to know that Momma not pleased,” he rhymes across the bridge. In the second verse, he gets even more personal: “Man, tell me how them n***as tight when they all gotta wife/something ain’t right, something smell fishy, what’s going on?/what kinda man want to stay a night in a man home?”

This was all because his brother turned his back on him, so R. Kelly decided to shame him in his new single… I remember back in 2005 when Wendy Williams had her show there was this transsexual that had the tea on R. Kelly (and Brian McKnight). She said that she used to date R. Kelly and knew that he had relations with teenage boys. He used to buy this dude Jordan’s and other name brand tennis shoes.

This is not the first time his brother has exposed R. Kelly, look at this video from 10 years ago:

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