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Spirituality, Locked Hair & Veganism – All Signs Of Moor Elevation To Self Love!

Have you ever heard of that saying, “The chosen ones” or the rightful heirs to the throne? if that has ever awoken a feeling in your heart for you have to step up to the plate and do your due diligence to claim your natural power then this article is for you. As we know, we live in a highly spiritual world with physical dimensions and as time moves, so does the alarm in our minds which inclines us get our shit together and claim our power, but that is only if you really listen. We have all been there, ignoring the tiny voice in our minds that yearns to drive us, but there is no time to ignore this message in 2018.

The electromagnetic world works mainly with electricity and carbon which is the only etheric spark in the universe that could ever bring peace and harmony when used correctly. The biggest secret today is that we, carbon filled people are the ones with the key to that power due to our highly magnetic soul and spirit with veins flowing with carbon and an inclination to preserve and build as Masons.

Carbon is the God compound that makes up the DNA of Gods. Carbon is mainly found in people with Eumelanin which are people that have an abundant amount of melanin in their DNA that coats and powers every source of their being and existence like a battery. These melanated beings are what we call “African” and “black” people today but were mainly known as their true title of “Moors” back in their reign.

To fully inner stand this data, the descendants of these thrones are the highly melanated people that we see walking around all over the world today with their prominent features and distinct brown pigment grading from dark brown, red brown to light brown. These are the fallen Kings and Queens that I am speaking of and their rise has come.

Although, we haven’t been getting the recognition for all our worldly discoveries, the truth is finally out again after years of it is being shoved down the throats of the sulfuric leaders who are in denial to their crime of trying to switch places with the rightful moorish heirs. Now, with the help of the ancestors, the lost ones have awakened to claim their justice through the process of decalcification and spiritual cleansing.

The alarm has been stronger than ever before thanks to the earth’s pole shift within the last 10 years awakening their pineal glands to pick up the messages from the elders to lock and protect their kinky and curly antennas. This is very important to continue to be connected with the source. Another important task was to stop frivolously eating blood foods and consuming GMO products which destroys the African DNA by filling it with mucus; the late and great Dr Sebi, consistency warns us to stop that disorder in order to cure all our mental and physical dis-eases.

With all this knowledge out there now, I do not see how we cannot finish what we started and clean up the mess that has been caused in the world by the dark and pale ones who wish to continue to control us in their matrix. In these trial times, the main advice is to continue to stay consistent and stand firm on your path and square!

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