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St. Petersberg Underground Metro Explosion Leaves 10 People Dead


Russian medic carrying a person sustaining  injuries from the explosion

Was this an attack against the Russian government? Claims that the attack had taken place early Monday morning. The metro experienced a terrorist attack after President Putin left St. Petersberg detail reports have not yet concluded the matter in which he identified St. Petersberg; he met with Dmitry Peskov and Berlaus President Alexander Lukashenko about matters.

Spokesman Dmitry said “they are working to ascertain the cause.” It is believed that there are unidentified explosives that have the whole entire underground metro shut down. He also states, President Vladimir Putin had been investigating all causes including terrorism.

The casualties include 10 people killed and this comes as a shock to one of the busiest cities in Russia who has never been under attack before as reports say otherwise. Other cities including Moscow have heighten security levels until the end of investigation. Details have not surfaced regarding the number of injuries but there is an open force initiating corrections in President Putin’s meetings and such.

The city the underground subway travel between


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