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Star Wars Nerd Ansel Elgort Is Happy He Isn’t Han Solo?

Okay…so maybe “happy” is, like, totally the wrong word, but that’s not the point. Elgort was one of the actors being strongly considered to play young Han Solo in the latest Star Wars spinoff movie centered around the character made famous by Harrison Ford almost forty years ago.

While Han Solo is now going to be played by Alden Ehrenreich (am I the only one who pronounced it his last name “asdfghjklvbnm?”), Ansel Elgort isn’t overly upset about losing out. The 22-year-old actor is also a pretty killer DJ and his DJ name is Ansolo. In an interview with The Huffington Post he said, “Yeah, I was pretty worried, honestly. I was pretty worried that if I got it, I’d have to change my DJ name. So I’m relieved.”

While obviously a total Star Wars nerd for the DJ name, it must be nice to be able to safely keep the name without some big franchise saying to change it around because Ansel Elgort can’t be Han Solo and Ansolo. So yayy that!

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