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Steph Curry, ” I don’t need anybody else to tell me that I lost”

Steph Curry tried to put on a happy face when he lost the Cleveland Cavaliers in his hometown on Sunday night… His friends and family tried their best to cheer him up after everything even his precocious daughter Riley told her father that it was all right that the Golden State Warriors had fallen short.

Well Steph is not here for all of that! He says:

“I was present in the room, but my thoughts were all at the game because it hurt for real,” Curry told The Undefeated on Monday. “It was a terrible feeling. When you lose a game, you always feel like there is going to be a next opportunity.
“But there is no next game now. It hurt a lot … It’s not fun.”

“Just losing in general is a terrible feeling,” Curry said. “Watching the other team celebrate while you watch, whether you’re at home or on the road, it’s not a good feeling.”

He has acknowledged he needs to get stronger and the Cavs physically punished him.
Curry said no surgery is on the horizon and he didn’t use his injuries as an excuse. He struggled when the Warriors needed him the most, scoring only 17 points and missing 10 of 14 3-pointers in the decisive 93-89 loss.

“I’ll take it on the chin because I know I didn’t play my best,” Curry said. “That’s something that I’ll have to deal with. That’s my own expectation and my own kind of self-assessment. I don’t need anybody else to tell me that.
“My team didn’t win. I didn’t play my best. That’s not going to be the end of the story. That’s just going to be a down chapter in the book.”
While Curry expects to be healthy by the start of training camp, he admitted that the memory of the team’s collapse in the Finals will stick with him.
“Until we win again, for sure. It won’t define me and my career. It won’t keep me down going forward,” he said. “But until we get back to the stage and overcome this whole experience that just happened, yeah, I will think about it for a while.”

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