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Steve Harvey Leaves Chicago Crew Behind For L.A. Reboot ?

You guys better listen to Steve Harvey’s ex wife Mary, click here if you missed that…. Steve is rebooting his Talk Show and moving it from Chicago to L.A. and according to reports, Steve didn’t bother telling the Chicago crew they wouldn’t be coming with…

From Radaronline:

“He didn’t offer interviews to many people who have been with him since beginning, and hurt lots of people who would move on their own to LA to be part of the new show.”
“Steve never even addressed the staff about it. He never said a word about them all losing their jobs. These are die-hard loyal staff members.”
“The staff were told by the Executive Producer, not Steve. The EP said that Steve would talk to them and then he never did. Not even an email saying ‘thanks for what you do’, or ‘good luck.’”

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