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Supergirl’s Superman Has Been Cast For Season 2!

Tyler Hoechlin is probably best known for playing Derek Hale in Teen Wolf, but since he’s left the show he hasn’t done much. He’s been cast in quite a few new films in set to come out soon though – including Fifty Shades Darker. The most exciting role though, would have to be that he is set to play Clark Kent in CW’s Supergirl.

Yes, you read right! Henry Cavill won’t be the only Superman anymore, now we’re also going to have Tyler Hoechlin appearing in at least the first two episodes of the show and things are going to be very exciting. I mean, how could you NOT be super psyched about there being two Clark Kents in the world? He’s perfect. 

Be sure to catch up on the first season of Supergirl so that season two makes sense when you watch specifically for Hoechlin’s blue eyes. 

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