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Tamar Braxton on The Breakfast Club, Talk Husband Lawsuits, Making Mends With Tiny, Toya Wright and More

Tamar Braxton appeared on The Breakfast Club this morning and she revealed to the Breakfast Club that she came back from the hospital due to a blood clot scare, talked about how her and Vince fought mostly about her music career and other things..

Tamar wasn’t also feeling the fact that Vince was making business decisions for her and to add insult to injury, she was dropped from Epic records and he didn’t even tell her…

When talking about Toya, Tamar got emotional and says she was hurt that Toya wrote lies about her in her book and made it seem like Tamar wasn’t a good friend. Weeks before Toya released her book, Tamar reached to her when her brothers died (I think she offered to pay for some of Toya’s family members to go to the funeral).

She was shocked to hear Toya’s true feelings about her when she ranted against her on instagram. So basically Toya is a fake azz friend. Tamar didn’t go in on her though.

When asked about Vincent’s lawsuit with Sony, Tamar stated that it was none of her business and that she has nothing to do with that.. At that point, Vincent exited stage left…

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