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Tamar Braxton Quits Stage Play During Break After Not Receiving Food!

Back in August Snoop Dogg announced that Tamar was starring opposite himself in a stage play that was loosely based on his life.. Well, Tamar quit during the break because of something really simple!

According to the Jasmine Brand:

Apparently Tamar refused to come back out after intermission for their show last Sunday because a food delivery never made it backstage.

Insiders tell The Jasmine Brand,
“This isn’t my first rodeo as it pertains to live theater, but I’ve never, ever seen anyone quit over something like this and disappoint their fans this way. She was completely hysterical and totally out of control. She kept screaming, She’s not here for this. Then saying, ‘I’m so sick of this s**t.’ Then she said, ‘you can do this damn show without her,’ again, addressing herself in the third person.”
The 15 minute intermission stretched out to an hour while the director scrambled to replace Tamar mid-show.

Eventually a dancer was tapped to fill Tamar’s spot while “American Idol” finalist LaToya London sang Tamar’s parts off-stage.

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