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Tamar x Vince Involved in Domestic Dispute in Atlanta; Finger Biting Tho ?

Trouble in Paradise for Vince and Tamar ? The couple was involved in a domestic dispute at the Ritz Carlton in Atlanta, which resulted in Tamar calling the cops on Vince.

According to Sources of Bossip, Tamar and Vince got into an extremely heated argument that turned physical. During the altercation, Vince actually bit Tamar on her hand so badly that he drew blood, and she ended up calling the police.

Witnesses say that Tamar’s finger was in extremely bad shape as she left the premises, and she very likely needed stitches to close up her wound. However, Tamar refused EMS services when they were offered.

Vince was apparently NOT arrested, as he fled the scene before police even arrived.

This is allegedly stemming from Tamar firing Vince as her manager and giving her team a complete overhaul and Vince not being too pleased about her decision….

I mean she’s been dropped from Epic Records as well as fired from the T.V. show The Real… So this makes sense..

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