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Tamela Mann On How David’s Surprise Baby Almost Ruined Their Marriage!

Tamela Mann and David Mann are on their Us against the world tour, which is also the name of their joint book and in a new interview the Fort Worth, Texas natives discuss the inspiration behind the book while opening up about one of the most trying times of their three-decade long marriage…

But, the real tea is how five years into their marriage a surprise baby came out out no where and then another one surfaced once their careers started to take off…

David and Tamela tells EUR Web via Ebony:

While the “Take Me to the King” singer was supportive of David’s first child, a second child that came along five years into their marriage almost broke the couple for good.

“My career took off with Kirk Franklin and (the mother) came out of the woodwork that he had a daughter,” Tamela said. “I felt like I accepted one child. I can’t accept another child.” “She was like, ‘you got this baby mama to deal with and that baby mama to deal with,’ and she was like, ‘Where do I fit in? I’m going to get lost.’ I had to let her know, ‘it’s me and you against all of this stuff. So, it’s you and me against the world.’”

David had two daughters by two different women in 1987 and he married Tamela in 1988, they didn’t find out about the second daughter until five years into their marriage. I’m waiting to see astory of a woman that ran around her her husband busting night out babies for other men and their husbands stayed and raised them kids

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