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Tammy & Waka Call It Quits ; Side Piece Comes Thru!

Tammy and Waka Flocka are done for now, mind you they were just overseas together taking flicks and what not, but apparently she’s had enough of his cheating ways…

Tammy let it be know that it’s now over between her and her rap star hubby in a simple Instagram post that a fan commented on and she referred to Waka in the past tense…

Well, once the side piece caught wind she decided to take to Instagram and rub it in her face taunting Tammy about her having sex with her husband..

The baby mama happens to be Chief Keef’s her name is Simone Patton, back in March they got into a little dispute via Social Media.. Click here if you missed that… Now Simone is back at it again!




That’s when Waka’s side chick Simone decided to rub it in.



But can we get into her Instagram Bio:


I hate proud hoes. What happened to the time when hoes kept shit on lock and stayed in their place. All this sharing, but I bet you don’t want to share bad credit. Real hos share er’thang!


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