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Taye Diggs Said His Mother Cause Him To Date white Women; Now Resents Black Women….

I can’t deal, during a recent interview with Van Lathan Taye Diggs admitted he may not be able to date a white woman again after being dragged by women in the black community.

Taye explains:

“When I was 13, I was reading a magazine and there was a picture of a black woman and I said, ‘Oh, she’s pretty, I want to marry her.’ And my mom said, ‘Oh honey, you’re going to marry a white woman.’ It hurt my feelings but she was right,” Diggs said.

Diggs even went on to say he felt a sort of resentment “deep inside” for black women because of the poor reception in response to his interracial relationship, telling Lathan ”I don’t wanna say I suppress [the resentment,] but I just watch it.”

He added: “Even though you understand the logic, I don’t know if I can mess with a white girl now. I feel like I’ve had to deal with that so long its changed what I think I like, what I’m attracted to. It’s not where my eyes gravitate to naturally.”

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