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Taylor Lautner is Heading To Scream Queens

Remember when Taylor Lautner was like the biggest teen heartthrob we had besides R.Pattz for a solid three or four years? He was gorgeous, he had that eight pack that seemed to defy the laws of nature, and he played the super sexy werewolf Jacob Black at a time where Twilight was all Millenial girls knew how to talk about.

I have very strong memories of those days, as I had had a life size cardboard cutout of Lautner in my room for a few weeks before I realized I was never going to get over just how creepy he looked and just how much he freaked me out in the middle of the night.

Then, Lautner just kind of dropped of the grid. Kristen Stewart is kicking ass and taking names as a professional actress. R.Pattz is kind of doing the same, plus he’s engaged to FKA Twigs so he’s in the press about that a lot which keeps his name out there. Taylor Lautner wasn’t quite so lucky. He mainly does crappy comedies that no one watches. It’s a little sad. I miss Jacob.

Now, though, Lautner is going to join the cast of Scream Queens as Dr. Cassidy Cascade – a name that’s totally comic book worthy. According to IndieWire the show is now going to take place in a mental hospital and Lautner may just be the bad guy – of course we won’t have proof until the end of the season.

The first season of Scream Queens took place on a college campus and followed what seemed to be copycat murders from the university’s past. This new season seems like it will be even more action packed – how could it not be when it’s in a mental institution? And hopefully it’s just as fun as the first!

What do you guys think? Will Lautner help Scream Queens to succeed for another awesome season?

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