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Taylor Swift is Rebounding Quite Nicely…With Loki

Remember that fabulous video of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston dancing at the Met Gala from about a month ago?

Well apparently there was a bit more going on in that situation than just dancing! According to The Sun, T.Swift and Mr. Hiddleston are cozy-pozy by the sea – and there are pictures to prove it! The 26-year-old megastar and the 35 year old professional British gentleman – I mean actor were spotted holding hands as they walked on the beach in Rhode Island and a kiss or two was caught as well.

There’s even a shot of Hiddleston taking his jacket off and giving it to Taylor #ChivalryLives. The entire scene is like something straight out of one of Swift’s music videos, and if she’s now dating such a big star, I strongly feel that Hiddleston should be in at least one of the videos for the album that she is surely working on. I mean, first she broke up with Calvin Harris and now she’s dating Tom Hiddleston and they’re probably madly in love. If that’s not the makings of a new album, I don’t know what is.

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