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Taylor Swift Threatened To Criminally Prosecute Kanye West!

Long sigh! Taylor Swift is now taking things far now that she’s been put out there for being a liar… It’s coming out now that Taylor Swift threatened to criminally prosecute Kanye months ago for secretly recording her phone conversation with him …

TMZ has a copy of a letter Taylor’s lawyer sent to Kanye’s attorney back in February. The lawyer made it clear, under California law, anyone who secretly records a telephone conversation with someone in the state commits a criminal offense … and it’s a felony.
A source connected with Kanye told TMZ the conversation was recorded in an L.A.-area studio..

It’s legal in some others though, usually used to prove one’s innocence.

I see no moral wrongdoing on Kimye’s behalf.


Taylor also wrote a long dissertation about Kim & Kanye recording her without her permission.. Bottom line Taylor Swift is being exposed and she’s not taking it too well at all.

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