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Tell Em’ How You Really Feel : Texans Owner Bob McNair on NFL : ‘We Can’t Have Inmates Running The Prisons’

*Pretends to be Shock* first of all it’s not… Everyone is just getting their negro wake up call…. Texans owner Bob McNair had some interesting words to say about the NFL and their need to protest during the National Anthem. If I was a Texans fan, I would definitely be burning Texans gear now..

Bob has compared the NFL players to inmates… He was speaking about the upcoming meeting between the owners, team executives and commissioner Roger Goodell.

Of course he apologized for his statements, but… Please, he meant every word… None of the players on that team, who are mostly black are pleased… DeAndre Hopkins left the facility without practicing over what was said… The whole team considered walking out on Friday, but were begged not to.. Just like a bad relationship…

The man or woman does something foul and when you’re ready to throw up the deuces, all of a sudden they’re begging you to stay….

Read full story here.

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