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Terry McMillman says ‘Waiting to Exhale’ May Be Turned Into TV Series

Terry Mcmillman has revealed that the cult classic Waiting to Exhale maybe turning into a T.V. series… While promoting her new book, I Almost Forgot About You, on “The View,” McMillan revealed that a Hollywood insider has approached her about the possible project.

“People in Hollywood seem to be asking me about writing for television. Someone has expressed interest in turning Exhale into a series,” McMillan shared. The 64-year-old author, however, made one thing clear: “I’m not writing anything.”

“When you’re a writer, coming up with ideas is not a problem,” added. “Being able to see them out and play them out…that’s what takes the time. But I can come up with an idea and I’ve got some, but I’m not interested in writing for television.”

In other words, if McMillan did sign on to turn her 1992 novel into a TV drama, don’t expect her to be as hands-on as Shonda Rhimes.

Whether there’s a Waiting to Exhale sequel or TV adaptation, we just want to see the characters we fell in love with–Savannah, Bernadine, Robin and Gloria–and their love stories come back to life.


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