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The :Beauty and The Beast” Teaser Trailer Is Here And It’s GORGEOUS

It’s officially official! Emma Watson is Belle. Like she’s the perfect Belle. She was only on screen for a second and a half, but she is Belle, be excited, be very excited.

The teaser trailer for the live action Beauty and the Beast premiered this morning on Good Morning America, and while it was only a minute and a half, and only showed one person’s face, everything was still very, very magical.

The beginning of the trailer involves showing off just how pretty the castle once was, and slowly watching it fall to decay. It sounds boring, yes. But that mixed with an orchestra performing in the background, makes the entire thing hauntingly beautiful.

Finally, the voices start talking, and it’s very definitely Lumiere (Ewan McGregor) and Cogsworth (Ian McKellen) whispering to each other #LookAGirl. While McGregor’s French accent isn’t my favorite thing in the world, I can definitely learn to live with it because Gandalf is Cogsworth and that really just makes sense.

No one other than Belle is actually seen. And her face isn’t even seen until the very end of the trailer, but I think that the lack of people makes everything strangely perfect. There is still a mystery involved in this story that everyone seems to know so well. We may know what comes next, but Belle has no idea and for just a moment, the audience gets to see things through Belle’s eyes – and what beautiful eyes they are (Emma Watson is perfect). Still, it’s a little disappointing that we’re going to have to wait for any image of the new Beast (Dan Stevens), or even Gaston (Luke Evans). They’re both so pretty, and the film is going to have to make them a bit more…rugged, and not in the way people like. It’s sad, and I’m impatient for images of them.

Tumblr has already begun the giffing process of the footage we have been given so far, though. Bunches of gif sets have already been made of the gorgeous trailer.

Some make comparisons between the cartoon and the trailer:

Whereas others take quotes from the trailer and make some of the 19 words spoken in the trailer super meaningful and pretty:

And some gif sets just really admire the scenery:

But basically everyone obsesses over the rose. I mean, let’s face it, the rose is going to be one of the most important parts of the movie overall.

If we are basing every view of the movie on the trailer alone, I would have to say that this is going to be a jaw dropping movie, even if jaws only drop thanks to the scenery. But I get the feeling that the movie is going to be appreciated for much more than just its set. I’m basically positive that Beauty and the Beast is going to blow our minds. Comment below with your thoughts on the trailer! Are you disappointed at the lack of Beast? Are you excited to see Emma Watson in a new film? Do you actually really like Ewan McGregor’s accent? We want to hear your opinions!


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