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The CDC Warns People to Stop Reusing or Washing Condoms!

First of all, who is that nasty to do something like this? I mean you can get condoms for free at your local clinic for God’s sake! Earlier this week, the CDC tweeted a reminder to not wash or reuse condoms… Research has found that as many as three percent of people have tried to reuse condoms.. Look if you can’t afford to pay, then don’t play…. Wait, did you know Condoms were created in 1839? Read more after the break..

According to DM:

In fact, between one and three percent of people have washed or reused condoms, according to one 2012 study. Bacteria, viruses and semen are all too small to be broken down and washed away by soap. Condoms are 98 percent effective at preventing pregnancy and are the only way to reduce STI risks – but only if used properly. The CDC tweeted a warning this week that condoms are ineffective after one use, urging Americans to splash out for a new 50 cent (or free, at health centers) condom each time. In fact, between one and 3.3 percent of people people try to reuse them, according to one meta-analysis published in 2012.

After one use, a condom has been unrolled, and the friction of sex weakens the rubber.

Most importantly, they are no longer sterile after use. After using a condom once, it has already come into contact with bodily fluids.

And soap is no help.

Viruses, bacteria and semen are all too tiny for washing to be a guaranteed way to remove them.

To be fair to the one to three percent of people who have tried to wash away STI risks and reuse their rubbers, this is actually a relatively recent development in our understanding of sexual health and safety. Rock stars like the Sex Pistols and Elvis Costellos even sang about washing their condoms, as recently as the 1970s.

Now, science knows better, and most of us do, too.

But, just in case, the CDC is here to remind us all that condoms are one-and-done, and only work when you use them correctly, every time, the whole time you engage in sex.

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