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The Debate Standards Are Being Lowered For Trump In Tonight’s Debate

While the Presidential Debate is almost here; Donald Trump may not be ready and possibly crushed by Hillary Clinton in tonight’s debate. It will be a night to remember since this is the first time Trump will be in a debate of such kind. While his team is making sure the debate goes smooth for him, Trump is not helping himself, he has been seen hanging out instead of being focused..

According to the Huffpost, Trump’s team has been working hard to lower the challenging questions the republican nominee may face during the debate. And surprising the questions has been lowered to accommodate Trump. It looks like the debate moderators’ not only lowered their standards but also lower the standard narrative.

As long as Trump manages to show up and not mess up in front of the public the debate leaders will make him the winner. Hillary may not be so lucky and receive the harder questions during the debate.

It is not the first time this has happened, the differential treatment between Hillary and Trump was shown before in a veteran’s forum on Sept. 7th. The moderator challenged Hillary to explain the use of her private email, but they did not let her respond. In Trump’s case the moderator, Lauer Lobbed asked candid questions like, what makes you think you will be a good president for the nation?

While Hillary was treated like someone who is running for president, Trump was treated like someone that has an idea of how to be president.
It is important that the two nominees be challenged at the same level, especially Trump, since he is the one that has no prior political experience.

Both nominees should be treated equally since they might be the next chief in office, but how dangerous is it to leave the luck and progress of a nation in the hands of somebody who has an “idea” of how to manage a country?

Let’s see if the debate would fix that, and if Trump can handle all the questions asked Although the debate does not make much of a difference in polls, it is important to watch so we can see how ready the nominees are to be the next president of the united state of America.

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