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The Divergent Artist behind Secret Knowledge – Code of the Millennial Century!

This Summer on June 30th at the famous New York City Producers Club theatre, Beast For Knowledge society presented its first My-Etymology Series of The Secret Knowledge Collectiob hosted by the mastermind Musecian Law who was the artist, curator, and organizer behind this phenomenal Art installation, Audio show.

With the crisp Audio production and the Live Beats mastering of her partner CallMeTk and his entertainment company Toast Your Glasses, this duo made sure to put on the most Divergent independent gallery opening; Along with the help of ShaqEyes the “3rd Eye” Videographer and Mystigy the Uptown Hippy holding down the front of the house with ease. 

As a young queen, Musecian Law’s soul had always resonated with her deep Yoruba roots and Kemetic timeline due to her Royal Yoruba bloodline in connection to the original melenated Gods of Ethiopia and Egypt. Besides having many interests, she studied Sanskrit and Hieroglyphics all through elementary school to her college days. With her innate ancient wisdom and ideas, she makes sure to work effectively with her peers and the youth to help jumpstart their souls as well as their career goals. 

About 2 years ago she decided to begin this project that didn’t have a name but more so of a scripted purpose and an inclination to evoke and awaken the masses with Kemetic knowledge. After vigorous meditation and direct contact with the ancestors Musecian Law created her gallery opening. At this event she displayed her sacred ancient Hieroglyph scripts, scrolls and mantra affirmation for her close friends and faithful supporters to inner stand the true works of the spiritual world and manifestations. 

Watch the amazing moments in this video here –

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