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The FCC Plan On Shutting The Internet Down By Next Week; RIP 1987-2017?

While everyone will be busy traveling and getting ready for their family gathering for Thanksgiving the Federal Communications Commission will be rolling out its least popular proposal of the year: its final plan to destroy the internet once and for all… Thanks to the Trump Administration….

According to

The commission will vote on the proposal in December, some seven months after it laid the groundwork for scuttling the rules that require internet service providers like Comcast or AT&T to treat web traffic equally.

President Donald Trump-appointed Pai’s plan would jettison rules that prohibit internet service providers from blocking or slowing web traffic or creating so-called paid internet fast lanes, the people familiar with the changes said.

Pai also will follow through on his plans to scrap the legal foundation that the FCC’s old Democratic majority adopted in 2015 to tighten federal oversight of internet service providers, a move he contends has deterred the industry from investing in broadband networks. Internet providers have feared that legal foundation, if left in place, could set the stage for possible government price regulation of internet service.

The chairman’s approach, to be voted on at the FCC’s Dec. 14 meeting, would also get rid of the so-called general conduct standard, which gives the FCC authority to police behavior by internet service providers it deems unreasonable.

The plan includes transparency rules that would require internet service providers to inform their customers about their practices on issues such as blocking and throttling. Major internet providers, including Comcast, have publicly said they will not block or throttle web traffic.

The FCC will look to another agency, the Federal Trade Commission, to police whether internet service providers are acting in an anti-competitive manner.

An FCC spokesman declined comment on the plan.

No more lurking for me…

No more fake news stories to read…

No more trying to buy replica bags…

The list goes on.


In case you’re confused.. Watch this video explaining what’s about to happen:


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