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The Game Given Another Opportunity to Retry His Sexual Assault Case

God is on The Game’s side, the rapper was ordered to pay Priscilla Rainey $7.1 million dollars in the sexual assault case… She was a contestant on his reality show where she accused the rapper of this deed…

Well after trying to bid for a retrial and being shut down, the state of Illinois is allowing The Game to retry his case in a court of law..

According to

In court papers, lawyers for The Game blasted the judgment amount as “monstrously excessive,” and said the trial wasn’t fair to the “This Is How We Do” rapper because he wasn’t able to appear in person as he was recovering from emergency surgery. he’ll be given the opportunity seek a retrial and file motions to reduce the damages he’s been ordered to pay, but is still not guaranteed anything.

According to the documents he filed, The Game feels the trial was unfair, citing the $7.1 million as “monstrously excessive,” and the fact that he could not appear in court..

We will see what happens…

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