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The Mannequin Challenge is the newest internet obsession where groups of people are standing still while doing random activities in the shot. What a creative way to introduce south Georgia’s newest rap group Six-Ten and officially put them on the map with their single “Xxtra”. Haven’t heard them yet? Not a problem remember the name because you WILL know soon enough.

The visuals are credited to BoomTown Productions and Director John Goudeau that tells a story of the three group members having a good time at their hotel party. As Bless raps the hook with the emphasis on “XTRA” in his bars the audience can peep that whatever they do will be over the top the fun. The camera goes from scene to scene as the party-goers are frozen like mannequin hence bringing the internet craze to light. Through out the video each rapper passes the remote to each other as a to say that they are in control.


Six Ten is a group of three artist from Donalsonville, GA consisting of Dre Dot (Deandre Smith), Bless (Landaus Richardson), and Rab Jones (Brandon Jones). Six Ten is thrived from an address from 610 Rodgers Avenue where the group originally hung out at to kick back and chill. The group came together in 2014 marking the beginning of their journey into the music industry. Since the Six Ten has released two mix-tapes M.A.F.I.A. or Money And Family Is All along with Brothers From Another.


Each member has a story of their own to tell but each can agree were raised in a close knitted family. Dre Dot and Rab Jones grew up together from childhood and started making music for fun at the age of 16. Older member Bless took Dre Dot under his guidance to mold him into the artist that he is today. Bless admits that he spent most of his childhood in the streets first joining a rap group called New Breed. After the group broke up he started to make music with what is now Six Ten. After Bless’ 4 year prison return, he finally decided to leave the street life alone and focus on his craft. Soon enough he would come into meeting with Rab Jones who started out making beats at a young age but when he hit 22 years old, his own style and flow came into perspective. Six-Ten took off from there and beginning to take notice in various parts of South Georgia.

Looks like we may have the next FIELD MOB bringing the 229 (South GA Area Code) in the making!


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