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The RNC Officially Nominates Donald Trump For President!

That ‘WHITE PRIVILEGED’ is real and even after Melania Trump getting caught out there for plagerizing, Donald Trump has officially been names the Republican nominee for the President of The United States of America,,

Donald Trump Jr. got to put Dad’s delegate count over the 1,237 needed to become the nominee. “Thank you to my family … and all of our supporters from the great state of New York,” Donald Jr. said during the roll call, adopting Dad’s speech pattern. “Even in places that aren’t so conservative, we’ve had such support, you won’t believe it.

“I’ve had the incredible honor of not only being part of the ride that’s been this election process but to watch as a small fly on the wall what my father has done as part of the movement,” he said, surrounded by his many siblings. “It is my honor to [put] Donald Trump over the top in the delegate count with 89 delegates. Congratulations, Dad! We love you!”


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