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The Williams sisters (Venus and Serena) and Simone Biles under suspicion of using prohibited drugs ?

A hacking group called Fancy Bears has leaked documents on Venus and Serena Williams claiming that the duo were taking prohibited drugs… Apparently these are bitter Russian hackers who are bitter that they lost the Olympics.

Serena William tested positive to Prednisone, which is a common steroid for people with asthma, so I’m sure this can be explained away (whether legit or not).

The governing body approved the usage so there is really nothing to see here…


Venus also tested positive to triamcinolon and it would make sense for Venus to take this because she has an Auto Immune Inflammatory Disease..


These were prescribed by their doctors so it’s really nothing to see here…

So basically the Russians are mad at black excellence and want to try to tarnish these ladies names.

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